June 2014

June 17th:

Very lovely and accurate review of Koh Rong Island posted on a blog online. Written by the wonderful Lisette Cheresson. It's good to know that us Island folk aren't the only people that realize how quickly Koh Rong could deteriorate due to too much unsustainable tourism, hence why we strongly suggest that you get here sooner rather than later!

Click here or on the image to follow the link to the review

June 12th:

Koh Rong Island Boys becomes the home of the FIFA 2014 Brasil World Cup on Koh Rong.

We erected a 3.5m x 2.5m screen on the beach just for your pleasure. We've been rammed every night and would like to thank everyone that came along to cheer on their country. There's still a long way left in the tournament and we wish every nation the best of luck.