Welcome to Island Boys Guesthouse, Hostel, Bar & Restaurant. #1 Accommodation on Koh Rong.

This video should give you a pretty good idea of what it's like to be an Island Boy here on the island.

We're all Rong'uns here! 

Whatever you want this island to be, it will be for you.  

There really is nowhere else quite like it in the world! With the perfect mix of big party, chilled vibes, 

good people and great times we guarantee that Island Boys Hostel will be your home during your time here on Koh Rong.


Or check this Vimeo link to watch it in higher definition: http://vimeo.com/kohrongislandboyspresents

Shout out to the Boogaloo Films team based in London for flying out and putting this video together for us.  Sums it up perfectly!